Alternatives to hatching projects

Alternatives to hatching projects

There are many better learning options than live hatching projects.

Wi-Fi camera bird box

Using live footage from a Wi-Fi camera nesting box, installed in the school grounds, or in the local area, to observe birds being born and reared in nature by their parents, is a much better way to teach the topic.

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Live camera streams

If you don’t have anywhere to put a Wi-Fi camera nesting box, or if you have one that is not occupied, it’s not a problem. Your students can watch a wide range of live wildlife camera streams at

As well as watching birds being born and reared in the Spring by their parents, they can observe various species including birds of prey, badgers and foxes in their natural environment.

Chick it Out app

Chick it Out is an interactive app which enables children to explore the egg development, life stages and anatomy of chickens. Visit the P.E.A.C.E. website for more details.

Model chick eggs

Students can observe the day-by-day development of a chick embryo by opening the life-like model eggs in the Chick life cycle exploration available from Learning Resources.